How To: Win back the girl that broke your heart

Win back the girl that broke your heart

Heartbroken? If your girlfriend threw in the towel before you were ready, there are a few ways you can try to win her back. Follow along with this tutorial and try to mend your broken heart.
You Will Need
• Empathy
• Professional help
• Friends
• Pen and paper
• Patience
• Hobby
• Positive attitude
• Card

Step 1: Admit you were wrong
Admit what you did was wrong, even of you don't think you were. Acknowledge that you hurt her, and then apologize.

Step 2: Get help
Do not repeat the actions that caused her to break up with you. If you need professional help, get it.

Step 3: Let go
Let go. If you need to vent, talk with someone or write your feelings down on a piece of paper and then throw it away.
Confide in someone you trust.

Step 4: Do not stalk her
Stop all communication with her. This may be a hard step to follow, but calling, e-mailing, texting, and going to her work or where she hangs out will chase her further away.
If she calls you, just listen.

Step 5: Take time
Build your self-confidence and take time to focus on yourself. Start a new hobby, continue an old one, or hang out with your friends. When you are happy and confident with yourself when you run into your ex, she will be more attracted to you.

Step 6: Be positive
Focus on all of the positive things in your life such as good friends, family, your job, your hobby, or your health.
Be open to dating and attending social events. If she finds out you are dating, she may realize how much she misses you.

Step 7: Remember
Remember important events in her life. Send her a card letting her know that the events in her life are important to you.

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